Rachel Rogue
Design Concierge

Rachel grew up in Logan, UT. Her love of interior design began at a young age when she would help her mom rearrange and decorate the home. She began taking classes in High School and studied at the New York Institute of Art and Design. She loves Star Trek and mini schnauzers. Rachel’s sense of style and inviting demeanor makes her a strength to our team that client’s love working with. She assists with design creations and helping turn our client’s dreams into reality.


Stan is an integral part of the Build Team Family. Stan oversees the construction sites and our construction workers. He makes sure the quality is of the highest caliber and is something he can be proud of at the end of the day. Stan oversees multiple job sites and is a vital part of the process. Stan enjoys spending time with his family and is an asset to our team.

Kristen Lemon
Design Concierge

Kristen graduated from Utah State University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Working within facets of the design industry has given her in-depth knowledge of various materials and experience designing beautiful spaces. Kristen is a passionate designer who loves the challenge of creating something beautiful that features a client’s unique style and stays within their budget.  Kristen enjoys spending time with her family, exercising and seeing new places.

Patrick McMillan
Chief Financial Officer

Patrick has over 18 years of accounting experience. His career began in the banking industry while in college. He understands the importance behind achieving specific goals and he has a passion for hyper-growth companies. He has been a corporate controller and CFO, as well as an outsourced Controller and CFO since 2008. Patrick loves his profession and he has a love for numbers and spreadsheets as people love chocolate and coffee. Patrick has a vivacious personality and he works hard to see companies grow.


Nathaly is a skilled drafter who is a highly valued member of our team! She moved to Utah when she was a teenager and received her Bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of Utah. Nathaly works to create and design the drafts and floor plans we use in the layout of each project. Her attention to detail and skillset are important for this role so the final result is exactly as the customer envisioned down to the centimeter. The seamless transition she provides from design to the final result is not only. one of the most important roles, but one she does with an optimistic attitude and a lot of hard work!

Jon Giblon

Jon is from Toole, UT. He has been in the construction industry for many years with experience in carpentry and framing. Jon was trained to only produce the finest quality and knows how to ensure that same standard on every project. He expects this quality of himself as well as the team he is a part of, which makes him an asset to our projects. Jon also enjoys sports and being in the mountains. He spends his free time enjoying the scenery and spending time with his family.

Brayden Lund

Brayden has been in the construction industry for 10 years. He has experience flipping houses and putting up skyscrapers for ironwork. Brayden knows he might be young in this industry, but tackles new challenges with a positive outlook and a desire to succeed. He has a wife and a 5 year old daughter he loves spending time with. Brayden also loves playing softball and spending time outdoors with his beautiful family.


Jay is an integral part of the Build Team Family. He oversees the construction sites and our construction workers. He makes sure the quality is of the highest caliber and something he can be proud of at the end to the day. Jay oversees multiple job sites and is a vital part of the process. Jay enjoys spending time with his family and is an asset to our team.

Alicia Montoya
office Manager

Alicia delights in assisting friends and family in titivating their homes. She enjoys traveling and cherishes her time she spent in Paris, France. Alicia is a Malbec wine connesuer and loves her close-knit family including her dogs Wishbone, Chevy and Daisy. Alicia is very and organized and diligent. With her love of life and hard-working attitude, she is an asset to our team that continues to be dependable and dedicated to the company.

Jace Elmer

Jace was born and raised in West Haven, UT. Before Build Team Construction, Jace spent 8 years managing and training teams in the door to door sales industry. He has impressive experience also owning and operating multiple companies, which makes him a very hard working individual who is aways up for a challenge. He loves remodeling and refurnishing and is currently working on his parent’s home. Jace loves being a dad more than anything and spends his free time with his son.

Brian Devereaux

Brian grew up in California working with his dad remodeling bathrooms. He moved to Utah and began working building hotels and installing residential plumbing. He has experience in many different areas of construction and home renovation which makes him not only a hard worker, but very educated about construction. With his valuable work experience and positive optimism in life, Brian is a valued worker of Build Team Construction. He is a musician in his free time and loves playing guitar.

Morgan McKinney
Quality Concierge

Morgan was born and raised in Ohio and moved to Utah about 3 years ago. She has her Bachelor’s of Journalism and Social Media Marketing from Utah Valley University. Morgan works with the clients and ensures their needs are met every step of the way, while overseeing the content of our projects online through photo, video and social media. Morgan enjoys photography, making videos, gaming and playing with her two cats.

Felix Guillen

Felix is from Utah and worked previously making aluminum in a factory. He plans to go back to school and get more experience or spend time doing more construction jobs. He loves building things with his hands and creating the perfect space for our clients. Felix loves working hard and being a skilled worker in his field that creates something beautiful. In his spare time he loves enjoying the mountains and spending time with his daughter.

Dexter Hirst

Dexter has been doing construction and working with heavy equipment for the last 12 years. He received his journeyman through Hogan and Associate’s in carpentry and reflects upon the skills and knowledge he acquired. He had the rewarding experience of being a superintendent for Kier Construction and is excited to continue to help this company grow and build something beautiful he can be proud of.

David Rangel

David grew up in California and moved to Utah when he was a teenager. Before Build Team Construction, he used to run his own business also doing construction and working with his hands. He believes that working with his hands is the only way to truly build something you’re passionate about. He is married with 4 children and loves fishing, playing soccer and learning new things. David is a hard worker and is a valuable member of our construction team.

Michael Callahan
Projects Coordinator

Mike was born and raised on the eastern plains of Colorado on a 16,000 acre farm. Before Build Team Construction he was a sales representative for a construction company. Mike loves building something new and being an integral part of the process. With his love for construction and his skills of organization and problem-solving, Mike is a strong member of our team. He loves fishing and camping in the beautiful landscape of Utah and spending time with his family.

Callista Briggs
Human Resource Manager

Callista was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. She has spent 15 years working in human resources and before that she spent 10 years in accounting. Before Build Team, she worked as in independent consultant in the field. She also enjoys flipping houses and remodeling old pieces of furniture which makes her a great fit for the construction industry. She enjoys football, hiking and spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Angel Martinez

Angel is originally from Mexico. He has experience in a vast variety of areas of construction, making him a very important addition to our team. Angel loves seeing a project come to fruition and assisting in creating it. He pays attention to details and makes sure the quality is at the highest level. Angel loves fishing and being in the mountains and enjoy Utah’s beautiful scenery.

Juan Trejo

Juan has spent more than 20 years in construction. He has worked in almost every aspect of the field such as welding, framing, masonry, carpentry and installing cabinets, which makes him not only knowledgeable but one of the best assets to our team. Juan is a very hard worker and spends time training and managing new workers to become more skilled and experienced. He is also very detailed and organized. In his free time, Juan enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Silvester Rangel

Sylvester is from Mexico, but has lived in Utah for over 20 years. He has worked in many construction jobs and previously had experience installing granite countertops. He enjoys taking an old space and making something new out of it through dedication, passion and hard work. Sylvester loves being a part of the team and enjoys paying attention to details while keeping the entire vision in mind. 

Kyle Foote
Sr. Construction project Manager

Kyle was born and raised in Utah and is a licensed general contractor. He is the son and grandson of accomplished construction managers and has spent his whole life surrounded by skilled craftsman. This makes him not only very knowledgeable about the field, but also very dedicated to the craft. Kyle is naturally detail-oriented and organized and loves helping create something extraordinary.

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