Godfrey Deck Rehab

From Drab to Wow! How a Deck Rehab Makes A Huge Difference

When the Godfreys decided to replace their deck, they knew they wanted something that was durable and would blend seamlessly into its surroundings. They desired a functional outdoor space that was safe for their grandkids and would be perfect for gatherings. Build Team Construction was able to deliver exactly what the clients wanted – a deck that is not only durable and functional but maintained a very important element on the Godfreys property.

Challenge – Save the Tree

When the original redwood deck was built over 40 years ago, it was built around a tree. As the tree grew, the homeowners had to enlarge the hole to accommodate the tree. Eventually, this became a hazard and the homeowners were concerned that someone could become injured. This tree is very important to them. They wanted a new deck that would restore their outdoor space without having to remove the prized tree, planted sometime in the 1950s. 

Safety First

The deck is very high from the ground, so stability was the main concern of the project. In order to ensure the deck would not sway, a cable was added. This locked the deck into place and eliminated the fear of swaying in the wind and stormy weather. Since the deck is located on a hill, proper footings were installed. Even though the weather was harsh, Build Team Construction worked through the snow and rain to complete the build on time.

Quality Makes the Difference

This beautiful deck was created with Trex Decking, a composite decking material that offers the ultimate in durability. Trex Decking is fade and stain resistant, won’t warp, rot, crack or split, and can be cleaned with soap and water. It is designed to withstand mold and mildew and will be beautiful for years to come. It was the perfect choice for the Godfreys. 

Build Team Construction believes in using only the best materials in their projects and exceed building codes often. In this project, 6×6 posts were used instead of the standard 4×4 posts. The railing system was forged out of high grade, reinforced metal that further provides safety and durability to the deck. This metal is cool to the touch, so there is no worry about the railing system being too hot for the grandkids. 

Exceeding Expectations

The Godfrey’s are thrilled with the finished product. “This could not have been done better. We love everything about it.”

This kind of response fulfills the goal of Build Team Construction. Making your project come to life is our mission. Our team of designers, engineers, and experienced builders will work with you to make sure every detail is perfect. Get in touch with us today and let us turn your dream into a reality!


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